What parts of my body will be massaged?

The parts of your body that will be massaged may change from one massage to the next, due to the type of massage you are receiving and the area of your body that is being focused on; the sexually charged areas are the only areas that will never be massaged. The abdomen may be massaged if you are having issues such as constipation, certain types of hip or lower back pain, to assist in breathing, or if you request it.  Your therapist will check in with you verbally before massaging your abdomen. The hips and buttocks are frequently massaged as they are often a culprit in lower back pain. This is sometimes done through the sheet and/or underpants if you are more comfortable that way. The armpit/upper chest area may be touched to help relieve upper back/neck pain.

Remember that a massage therapist has seen and massaged hundreds or thousands of different bodies. They won’t get excited seeing or massaging any part of your body. You’ll find that even on parts of your body you might be nervous about having touched, that the therapist will use the same sure, confident strokes that they’ve used everywhere else.

However, if you are uncomfortable being touched in any area, please let the therapist know ahead of time, if possible. Sometimes a client may not realize they are sensitive about being touched in a particular area until the therapists touches them there – just let your therapist know how you feel; they will be sensitive to your needs and will avoid the area.

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