How often should I get a massage?

It varies from person to person. Monthly is a great maintenance schedule for most bodies. It keeps the tension from building up so you can feel more comfortable all the time. When someone is going through a stressful time, they may come in more frequently to help manage that stress.  If you are recovering from an injury or are looking to alleviate a condition that has you in chronic pain, it might benefit you to come in more frequently

If you are looking to address a specific condition, we have to get you to somewhere you want to maintain first. In this case, it is recommended to go more frequently at first and then slowly taper down to a maintenance schedule to build on each session’s improvement in relief and healing.. Sometimes more frequent shorter sessions can be effective until your goals are met and a maintenance schedule is in place. Frequency of sessions should be discussed with your massage therapist after your treatment when he/she has a better hands-on understanding of your particular muscular issues.

Many massage therapists offer discounts on packages of multiple massages paid or booked in advance to make care more affordable.

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